September 12,  2014  Special Edition


Plant Yourself is launching at Soda City in one week! Are you ready for some fun?

This Green Chairs project is one part of the Mixed Greens program sponsored in part by the SC Developmental Disabilities Council. Join us Saturday, Sept. 20 surrounded by local vendors selling all kinds of ready-to-eat food, clothes, jewelry, crafts and plenty of farm fresh produce. There’s something for everyone!

We provide a resting spot and FREE water for shoppers and chat with them about what we do and why we do it. We’ll also promote the Mixed Greens program and have fun taking wild pictures and posting on social media. We’ll be hashtagging #MixedGreens and #PlantYourself on Twitter @thearcmidlands and posting on the Facebook page Plant Yourself Cola.

This is a wonderful opportunity to broaden social skills and learn more about how a successful farmer’s market works. In the future, we will sell plants and vegetables grown in our community gardens. 

Follow the project and enter our monthly photo contests on Facebook. That’s right. Someone will win cash just for liking, posting and tagging a crazy picture of him/herself. Grow with us and contact Natalie at natalie@arcmidlands.org for more information about any of the Mixed Greens projects.



Let’s move and groove for Lana!

We are forming a support group for Lana Swancey, a 13-year-old living with Canavan Disease. Lana is the only young person in SC (to our knowledge) who suffers from this rare disease. So on Saturday, Oct. 18, we are putting on our sneakers and bright colors to dance in a Zumbathon at the Phillips Market Centerin West Columbia. If you prefer not to dance, that’s ok. We still want you and Lana needs your support.

The purpose of the Zumbathon and group overall is to raise money to buy a van to transport Lana in so she can go out and watch her older brother play baseball or hang out in the community with her friends and family. She is full of life as she has had a successful surgery to halt her disease.

Canavan disease is an inherited disorder that causes progressive damage to nerve cells in the brain. This disease is one of a group of genetic disorders called leukodystrophies which is characterized by the degeneration of myelin. Myelin is the fatty covering that insulates the nerve fibers.

If you are interested in joining our group, e-mail zumba@arcmidlands.org for more information and don’t forget to visit Giving Lana Wheels on Facebook. Check out the website for Lana as well and donate as you wish.

Let’s get rolling for Lana!

Fitness with Melissa Wheels for Lana Zumbathon
​We will have these postcards to pass out. If you are interested in picking them up, please contact zumba@arcmidlands.org

Other Arc Midlands sponsored programs: 
Mixed Greens is an awesome community gardens and projects group with fun and inclusive activities to be scheduled throughout the year
Walk with Ease – is about getting people in the community together to promote and increase physical activity and build new friendships. The program includes people with and without developmental and intellectual disabilities that walk with one another. It’s a great way for people to meet friends and stay active!  We offer structured 18 week programs onsite (schools and residential settings) and weekly Saturday walks.
Wings for Autism: The Arc of the Midlands in collaboration with The Arc of South Carolina, Pro Parents, and SC Autism society are planning to implement a Wings for Autism program in Augusta, GA and Columbia, SC in spring 2015. Wings for Autism® is an airport “rehearsal” specially designed for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and other intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families and aviation professionals. 
NCCJD Chapter Champions for Justice:  Through this program, The Arc of the Midlands will help build the capacity of the criminal justice system to effectively identify, serve and protect people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), many of whom have “mild” disabilities that often go unnoticed among criminal justice professionals without appropriate training.  Follow NCCJD on Facebook!
Project Search is a business-led collaboration that enables young adults with disabilities to gain and maintain employment through training and career exploration!  The Arc of the Midlands in partnership with the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department and Lexington School District 1 has been awarded a grant through the South Carolina Developmental Disabilities Council to develop a Project Search site in the Columbia area. 
Happy Friday:
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  • Find out more about the Zumba instructor in charge of theevent!

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